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that "moving on" thing


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My girlfriend of 4 years has left. I wrote a few days ago about it and think she was trying to be kind to me about the real reasons she left. I may never know them and I guess I deal with that. Hard for me now because its only been a few days. She found an apartment and was gone in days to live near her family, leaving me the dog and half our possessions. Money will be tight too.


Anyway I asked her to please not contact me much. I also said that if she changed her mind that I would consider but would not wait long. I don't know if that was a mistake or not. I don't know if I sounded desperate to her. I also don't know if I'm trying to fool myself into thinking she may come back.


I've put myself in that relationship so much that I find myself without many real friends. I have them at work but I don't hang out with them. I meet people everyday that I work, very interesting people, but don't hang out with them either. My entire adult life has been without lots of friends. I guess I'm just the home body type with just a few work buddies.


Perhaps I'm using this forum as therapy for myself to get thoughts out of my head. I read other posts and find them helpful, any comments I get are appreciated. Thank you for reading if you managed to get through the length of this post.

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do whatever you think you need to do but that usually consists of little or no contact and filling your time with any type of activity.


try re-kindling some friendships too.


the end of september my ex and i had a mutal split. two days later i was balling on the phone to him that i changed my mind. two weeks after that of feeling like crap and crying. two to three months of ups and downs. now im almost 5 months in and im almost totally healed. no crying, no sadness, no jealously of who he is with... nada, but i still miss him sometimes. so the point is, it gets better.

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