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broke down and went for lunch with my ex


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I posed earlier about my ex drunk dialing me last night . I ended up in his area and gave him a call, asked him to meet for a coffee...


its valentines day so dont be too rough on me!


we had an amazing time. the conversation was non stop, i was making him laugh every other minute, he looked great, told me I looked great, THE CHEMISTRY IS ALL STILL THERE. it was like nothing changed.


and i was really happy. it felt like being home.


he said he missed our relationship alot, I agreed, we both agreed to missing sex with eachother. everything was just really nice.


after 2 and a half hours of hanging out I left.


now I feel empty. I feel like Im waiting for time to pass so he will go back out with me.


am i totally stupid or does it sound like something can be rebuilt?


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Nah, you're not stupid..... I refused to meet up with my ex because I knew that I would feel empty afterwards. Kudos to being braver than I was, I sometimes still regret my decision to not take a chance....


Anywho, I think that it sounds like the meeting went well and that you should wait and see if he contacts you for another outing. *crossing my fingers for you*

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