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Ok so my exgirlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. The first month was hard and painful. I did the crying, begging, calling , texting, . She hardly responded to me. I got me feeling really bad to the point that I needed to leave the state ( i live in Hawaii so its a very small island and its likely ill run into her often) I wanted to get away from everything. So I did and went to San Francisco for a month. When i was up there i decided to seek counseling because i was hurting so much. I went to counseling twice a week up there and I felt myself getting better. After feeling better and calm i decided to come back to HI. One of my biggest problems during this break up was always checking up on her facebook constantly. I blocked her once when we first broke but a few days later un blocked i left it unblocked for a whole month. I kept looking at her FB constantly It was hard. I would message her too asking for forgiveness and another chance. No reply nothing. Out of the blue one in end of the 2nd month of being broken she tells me that she is very happy and moved on. This hurt me so much. I responded but in a way where i didnt sound sad. I just put that i was happy that she was happy ( even though in actuality i was wasnt. Next day i wrote a long letter to her to bring closure to myself and the relationship. I explained that i was sorry for what i did that caused her to break up with me. I told her i am very hurt. i felt better i wrote her that letter i got to let everything out. Following day i realized i need to move on myself by gooing into NC and decided to Block her again but this time for good. I feel better for doing it. My urges arent as high knowing that i blocked her. But one thing that worries I just did. I never told her I ws gonna block her. I feel a lil bad. I just dont want her to think that I am mad or that i hate her. i dont feel that way towards her at all.


So my question should i somehow tell her whether its my calling, texting, or email that im not mad or hate and im just doing this to help me heal and move on?

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