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Hi, I am new here and need advice about a friend of mine that I really like.


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Hey. So, I am a little nervous to post here, but lately I've been having some boy troubles and I don't have anywhere else to post my problems and get advice from anyone. I tried 2 other sites, but they weren't specifically dating/relationship advice forums, so people started to get a little annoyed with me for posting about all my relationship problems. (I tend to think about it a lot) Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and post what I'm having a problem with. I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, so sorry in advance!! Also, I'm going to apologize in advance because I can be very long winded when I post and this might get really long...it's already long. lol So, sorry again!


I have this guy friend that I really like that I met last year around August, but I didn't start really talking to him until around October/Novemberish of last year. So, it's only been about a couple, maybe a few months that I've even been talking to him. The problem is, I really like him and I'm not sure if he likes me. I've told pretty much all my friends about him and my parents, too. Just because when I like someone I can't get them off my mind and I end up wanting to talk about them non-stop. Not sure if that's a good thing or not... Anyway, my best friend and my mom are the only people who think he might not like me. All my other friends seem to be really supportive and just say they're not sure or whatever. I met him at school...during winter break he texted me nonstop, every day and night. The problem is, sometimes he talks to me like I'm just one of his guy friends and he's said a few things to make me think that he might not like me. I have even told him that I like him, but was too chicken to ask him if he liked me back, and he never told me whether he likes me or not. He didn't say he did or didn't, he just didn't say. One of my friends ALWAYS tells guys when she's interested and really thinks I should just ask him point blank if he likes me. My mom, on the other hand, thinks that's really stupid and immature to do and not nice to "put people on the spot" and ask them flat out if they like you and that when a guy likes you, you'll just "know". Or he'll make it clear. Or whatever. Anyway, so far I am taking my mom's advice, mostly just because I dont' have the guts to ask even though I really need to know because it's driving me bonkers! lol Well, anyway, I'm in the same class with him again this semester and I actually finally got to "kind of" go out with him a few mornings ago. Our class was canceled so when he got there he asked me if I wanted to go get coffee with him. Of course I said yes, lol. He drove, he payed, and he texted me after to tell me he had fun and that our teacher should cancel class more often. I thought that was really sweet and I told him I thought the same. lol so, that sounded like he likes me. That's the first time he's asked me to hang out with him outside of class, though. I've asked him to hang out with me before...well, more like given him opportunities to see me, but he's turned them down before. One time because he fell asleep, I was like aw, he was just tired. Anyway, we are pretty good friends (I think) that much I'm fairly certain of. There is a whole lot more to this story than I've even managed to get out in the few months I've been talking to him, but I really don't want to make this any longer than it already is. He's also told me some pretty personal stuff about him that I'm not going to post up here, and I've shared some pretty personal stuff with him as well. Basically, I'm pretty sure he definitelyl likes to talk to me and definitely at least wants to be my friend. Anyway...my parents both said that maybe he's just actually a really decent, old fashioned guy who wants to be the one asking the girl out instead of the other way around. I still don't know, though. Anyway. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

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To me it sounds like there is something there. If it is strong deep friendship or something more I don't know but it sounds like there could be.

I am in a similar situation with a very close friend and the best advice I got was let things happen naturally and what is meant to happen will.


I hope that helps it has helped me some


good luck I hope whatever happens you are happy

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