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Red roses too much?


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Myself and the girl I started seeing a little over a month ago are getting together a little bit later for V-day and of course I am planning on bringing her flowers. We are not an official couple & there has definitely not been any I love you's or anything like that. However, it is quite obvious that we like each other in a more then just friends way and, although I don't want to get ahead of myself, I am excited about where this could go. Despite this, we are not an official couple, we haven't been seeing each other very long, and to some extent we are still getting to know each other. This might be a stupid question but if I brought her red roses today, would that say a little to much or does it really not matter? I can just as easily go with another type. And no, I do not know what her favorite type of flower is unfortunately. Also, what would be a good type of flower to get if they don't have roses when I get there?

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