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Would YOU end it?


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I'm in a long term relationship. I've moved to a whole new city. It's been hard because I don't know anyone. I keep making skype dates with my boyfriend, but he blows me off. He doesn't email me back to tell me he's not coming and he doesn't send me a message until the next day because he has gone out to party. He's done this twice now and it's only been a week.



Would you end it?


I'm ready to.

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And really, who knows what he is doing when he "parties"?


Sounds fishy to me. Not worth it.


Ask him if you are more important than partying, and give him one more chance. Say you will end it if he doesn't shape up.


I find it weird that YOU move, and he is the one who is partying like celebrating your gone.


If he was in a new place, I could understand why that MAY happen, but he has no excuse.

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