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Job interview - are these good signs?


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Hi I've just joined this forum today. I'm hoping enotalone will be the last place my possible furture employer may see this.


I had an interview on Friday afternoon and I think it went well apart from being a little bit nervous. I know the best sign of knowing how well I did is getting the job (some people like to state the obvious), but I think there's one or two positive signs that I picked up on in the interview and I wanted your opinions on them too.


This is in the UK so I won't be asked for a drugs test or to have a physical and there is no second interview.


So the interview was last Friday afternoon and the interviewer told me I would hear the outcome by Wednesday next week. I can't remember if they said they would call me or not, but I think they did because I remember thinking should I ask them to ring my home or my mobile number.


They mentioned pay, that the job would be fun, working hours, that I would be able to apply for internal jobs if I wanted too, they tried to make the job sound exciting to me.


The interviewer seemed very friendly and was talking to me like they knew me, but that might have been to get an idea of my personality.


When they asked their questions they thought I was a supervisor in my past job just going by my answers, but I wasn't and told them I wasn't.


When they asked if I had any questions I asked them if there was anything they wanted a fuller answer to as I was nervous at the start and they told me that the information I'd given them matched the criteria for the job.


I had to provide some documents and I'm not clear on this, but I got the impression that they were going to get these off me at a later date, which would have to be when I work there.


There was many corridors leading to the way out and they said to me don't worry you'll get use to them (this sounds promising).


They told me that out of loads of people with good qualifications and skills that I with a few others were shortlisted for the position.


They asked if I was still employed and asked me if I would consider other jobs with the company if I wasn't successful with this one.


When I gave them additional information they said "thats very important" because it was relevant to the job.


The interviewer was very friendly and seemed interested in what I had to say and very nice to me. I haven't mentioned the sex of the person in case they see this. The proberbly won't though.


Are these good signs? Or am I being too hopeful here?



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