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I like this article....I worry that im not going to meet anybody else or anybody that i like as much as the ex but this is good advice...


A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory."


-Arthur Golden


How many times have you said, "I'll never meet anyone that

I love like him/her? She's/he's my soul mate; It's too hard to meet

good people; I hate the bar scene; I'll never meet anyone unless they

knock on my door." And the list goes on.


Because your heart is so wrapped up in whatever their name is; you

can't see that there's a future out there waiting for you. You are so

focused on looking through your rear-view mirror that you can't

see where you are going.


Sure you miss them. They were the latest and the greatest. But,

think back to the time in your life that you thought you would

never get over the last guy/girl and lo and behold; you met

someone new.


You're right about one thing; you will never meet anyone as long

as you hold onto the belief that you won't.


We attract what we think about all day. If the only thing on your

mind is how bad you feel, how you loved what you had and how

you will never meet anyone else. Then guess what? You're right!


On the other hand, you need to begin to realize that even though

your relationship is over; doesn't mean that your life is over. This

particular chapter in your life may be gone, but now you can begin

to tell a story with new characters, a new beginning and with someone

who actually wants to be in the story.


Sometimes things just don't work out the way we'd like. As much as

we don't want to believe it or accept it; until you start to process

this reality; you will continue to live in the past. Thinking about what

was and what could've been is a waste of time. Seriously,

what good does it do you? What's the point?


Close the door on that chapter in your life and you give yourself

the opportunity to meet someone new. The more open you are to

it, the more likely you will attract it into your life. So, when you are

sitting there thinking that you will never meet anyone else, just

remember, we create our experiences by what we continually tell



Change your thinking and you'll change your life!


Thinking that you will never meet anyone again is exactly what you

will experience. The likelihood of you living on this earth for the rest

of your life and believing that you will never meet anyone again is;

well, ludicrous. You just never know, when you least expect it;

there they are.


But, you have to be open to it and in order to do that; you have to

change your perspective and change what you tell yourself about the situation.


Face the facts. Begin to put it behind you and you will be closer to getting

what you want from life. Wanting something that isn't working or hurts you

just doesn't make sense. Who really wants to hold onto pain?


Choose to believe in your future again and simply know that you have

the power to control what you tell yourself about anything. You can

actually change your life by choosing what you think about.


Start to focus on what you want; not on what you don't want; and

before you know it; you'll meet someone new.

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THank you for writting this Betty...just what I needed this morning. My struggle is to look thru the windshield instead of the rear view mirror right now!! It's been about 7 weeks since my relationship came crashing to an abrupt hault. It's getting better but my focus is hard pressed to stay forward directed. Today....even more so.


The trick is really being able to focus on tomorrow instead of yesterday....that's my dilemma.


Anyway...your post is great...thank you for the little pick-me-up this morning.

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wow. this is an amaazing post betty. my wife of 13 years left me on valentines day and i think what im going through is seperation anxiety. i dont want to believe its over but i dont think anything I do will change the outcome. i truly believe this post here will help me to put things into focus. i think you may have just saved my sanity. thank you thank you thank you for passing it on.

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