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How to move on from a girl


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Ok first off ill start by saying im relatively in experienced with girls, ive only dated girls, i havent been in too many relationships.


Here is the brief background to my situation:


There is girl at my work (police officer) who i have always found really attractive, shes been working there for 5 years and i have been there for 7 months, she is 25 and has a bf, im 20 and single. We spoke chit chat until my first shift with her (which was after my first 4 months) but on that shift i found out she thought i was attractive by her saying "So why are you single? you obviously dont struggle with girls." she also said "Get your haircut you will look even more good looking." She also was telling me i look so much like her friend who she met by hooking up with at a night club. So anyway when were on our shift we talked more and have quite a bit in common e.g. starsign, beliefs, music taste, morals, etc. There is even little stuff that is kinda freaky like our police numbers being really similar (im 45309 she is 40359). We just have this natural comfort with each other and have become close almost instantly, and tell each other stuff that we normally wouldnt with anyone else at this level of knowing someone.


There has been other stuff, we have always had this vibe... i cant really explain it but it was there before we really started talking. Also a few times ive walked in the room and she would be talking with her friends and stop, one time one of the girls said "ohh look who it is sarah..."


So after the shift together i began to like her alot (i have never felt this strongly about someone before) because of what we have in common, i know its wrong and i dont want to be like this because her boyfriend works with us. Its getting beyond a joke now because i like her so much that i get excited to see her for 5 minutes... then depressed afterwards when reality hits again.


Normally when i like a girl this much (which isnt often, because due to my horrible luck with girls i block most feelings for them) and its going no where, i stop talking to them and well, not seeing them fixes my problem. I have to see her because of work so this isnt an option. I also think its a bit of a shame to not be friends with her, because we do have alot in common, and a friendship could be the next best thing, IMO.


At the same time, everyday is a battle for me (some days are better than others). I am depressed/sad/dissapointed at the fact i havent had (and probably never will) get the chance to at least ask her out (based on the age difference, the fact she's taken, but mainly everygirl turns me away romantically at some point). All i want is to be able to put these feelings aside, and move on... but something deep inside wont let me, despite the fact its a lost cause. Its almost as if something deep down wants me to wait for them to break up, which i dont want to do because what if it never happends. So now im kind of stuck in this limbo where i cant move on from her, but due to the fact she is taken i cant go for her either.


Can anyone offer any advice on my situation?? i just want to move on with my life, and if an oppurtunity comes up then ill take it, but if not then i wont be too worried. But i dont know how

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