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Keeping in touch - advice please!


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So just this Wednesday, this girl from a social networking site (who I had never met with in person, or even spoken to before) began texting me fairly frequently. She asked me to meet her at a Ski lodge that her boarding school was taking her to, and I agreed. The night before going to the lodge, I called her, and had a fairly long and meaningful conversation with her.


I greet her with a hug upon seeing her, and we have some small talk, go snow tubing for a very short time, and then hangout in the lodge with her and her friends for a good 3 hrs. During this time, we just chatted (mostly one-sided, her speaking), but I had to deal with her friends/phone distracting her and such. She agrees to meet up in our hometown over spring break (we both live in the same hometown, but in our schools - both out of town - we are not allowed to have cars). The day ends, I hug her, we part ways, exchange a few texts, and here I am now, with the following questions!


1) By agreeing to meet up over Spring Break (or by inviting me to the lodge with her), I'm fairly certain she's interested in me, but the pace of the relationship has me confused. What kind of place would be appropriate to take her over Spring Break?


2) Spring Break is ~3 weeks away, and we cannot see each other between now and then. How frequently should I call/text her between now and then? (To put it into perspective, between the Wednesday and Friday before we met at the lodge, I sent/received a combined 200 texts to/from her, and only talked to her over the phone once for about 1.5hrs)


3) Are there any ques I should look for when going for the 1st kiss? I've never been in any serious relationship, and never kissed a girl while not completely smashed, so I'm pretty clueless


Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any advice or comments!

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