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Guys are very confusing


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Ok well i broke up with my last bf about a month ago but whilst i was going out with him i started liking a guy friend. But i was never going to do anything about it coz it really didnt seem like he would be interested.. But when i broke up with my bf i ended up kissing him, it was something my friends had pre-arranged... It went grand nd i got on really well with him etc when we were walking around afterwards.. We were going to continue meeting but then i sat beside him for afterschool english and it was really awkward, well i was trying to make conversation with him but he didnt really have much to say.. Then later on that night he was saying he didnt want to meet anymore because he knew it was just gonna end up with us not being friends in the end etc and coz it was too awkward...


I got kinda annoyed coz it was a really stupid reason considering he said he liked me etc.. Anyway i was doing fine until last night when loads of ppl went out to the pub for my 18th and i started talking to a guy thats a friend but well known for getting with alot of girls... I didnt fancy him but i was kinda drunk and flirting... Then a different guy friend commented to the guy i liked about this guy trying to get into my pants and he started getting all jealous nd looked as if he was gonna punch someone... Later on that night i ended up hooking up with the guy i liked and everything was going really well etc.. I could tell he was really into it and he was only tipsy..


And now he is going around blaming the drink etc... I know he likes me but i cant figure out why he doesnt want to get involved with me.. Like i wasnt great friends with him but sort of close and im leaving in 4 months and i will probly never see him again... Im not trying to sound really shallow but iv never had a guy not want to be with me if i went after him and charmed him... He isnt experienced sexually and i really am and he knows that could that be a reason? Im so unbelievably confused...


But like 2 years ago i went out with one of his friends... It ended really badly with us hating each other nd the guy i like used to see it nearly everyday...


But i dont even want to go out with this guy.. I want him sexually and i know he finds me attractive, that im certain of...

Sorry the post is so long.. lol

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Maybe he wants a relationship and sees clearly u cannot provide that because of ur past relationships which he has seen a few. U just want sex. And ur leaving in 4 months.


Sorry guys aren't confusing but some guys don't want just sex. Sorry

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