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Erection/Sexual Drive Issues


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Hello I am a healthy 35 year old attractive, in shape male that has questions about his sex drive/erection issues. Over the last few years I have noticed that I am not getting the daily erections from anything. Whether it be seeing a gorgeous girl, something that turns me on, interaction, dancing, etc with females, even morning wood. When I was younger I was hard just looking at a girl. It seems that my "friend" has seemed to go down in size a bit or always seems to be like if I was out in the cold or water when limp wheras before it was much more firm and blood flow was better. I do not havd a small member by all means, however I have noticed this feeling more often now.

I can get an erection pretty easliy while masterbating, or when I am with a g/f and in love I am like 24-7 hard and no problems.

I just notuced that when there are guys that can get hard by the wind blowing, I am not like that anymore and I constantly feel like my member is having the reverse effect like being sucked in rather than out and normal.

What the hell is going on here and has anyone else expreienced this?

I also get this way when I am very nervous whether it be with a girl or myself. I have a difficult time getting aroused.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

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Seems like a lot of guys experience some variation of the way you describe it.


First, what medications are you taking?

How is the diet?

-Make sure you are getting plenty of monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids, plenty of CHO, plenty of protein, basically enough nutrients so that 'dieting' or staying too lean is not an issue. Sometimes your best physical shape is not your best sexual shape.

-I assume exercise is going well based on your initial sentence


How are stress levels?

Are you getting regular sleep? 8 hours or however much a night?


Assuming all the above is in shape, well, I have noticed the same basic thing in my life. The difference is that I am able to get morning wood still. I tend to use that as a hormone barometer.


The reason you don't get hard when the wind blows anymore is because your hormones have changed and aren't like what they were when you were 18. I suggest getting free and total test checked just to be on the safe side. If it is low, you have your problem right there. The lack of morning wood for you bothers me a little and makes me think hormones.


Also, remember that you are more experienced now than back then. You know what it is like to be in love with an amazing girl. Anything less will be blase.

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Thanks for your response. I exercise more for bodybuilding. I eat protien and a well balanced diet. Multivitamins and other suppliments. I am not on any medications for anything.

I am always under stress with my life and job. 8 hours a night of sleep isn't always there. I'd say more like 6-7.

I do carry a little weight around the gut and am always holding it in or keeping my stomach tight like if I was flexing.

About 2 years ago I did have a testosterone test and he said is was a bit lower than average. Not super low, but a bit lower than normal for my age.

I did take test boosters in pill for for working out which def made things more solid, however i was breaking out all over the place and getting temper tramtrums.

I am not sure what to do.

Like I said, being in a healthy relationship keeps things working very well. But other than that I would like the feeling of getting aroused randomly or if something excites me.

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I have lived a very similar lifestyle. I was into bodybuilding for more than 5 years.


Answer seems to be:


1. Slightly low hormones

2. A bit less sleep than you need

3. Stressful job


Bodybuilding lifestyle can also have an effect. As an aside, the test booster may have been mainly anti-estrogen. Could easily cause a breakout. Most effective OTC test boosters typical have a strong anti-e, or if it was long enough ago, it might have had a licit pro-h.


If I were you, I'd first try to find a way to reduce stress and sleep more. Make sure you take at least one week off bodybuilding every couple of months. Hard to do, but results don't lie over time. Also, try a KISS approach with your diet from time to time. Get enough protein, set calories near eucaloric level and eat whatever you want otherwise. Sometimes the diet of your own design can work against you a bit in the libido department. It is as important to reduce bodybuilding stress as it is to reduce job stress.


Then get the hormones checked after basic sleep and stress modifications. If they are still low, then again, we know what the problem is = hormones. Finding a solution at that point will then be much easier once a lot of potential problems are eliminated naturally.


btw, I hardly think it is your age (with the exception of the lack of spontaneous erection)

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Wow Cardinal. Thanks so much for your great advice and response!!!! I am trying out Maca extract and some gnc herbal stimulators to see what happens. I will try to sleep more for sure and the stress is always there. What I find interesting is that when I am in a good loving relationship, my harmones are through the ROOF!!! I just wish being single it was easier for me to be like other guys where I could get aroused by any damn thing. Then again, I think my standards have changed as I have gotten older. I have been with plenty of women at this stage and I am not looking to rack up numbers anymore. I am looking for quality. But like I mentioned, I wouldn't mind getting aroused easier.

I know there are t boosters with not so much crap in them. I think I was taking activae xtreme which seemed to be the most popular one from reviews. There are herbs that can help boost Test from what I have been reading up on.

I alos hear that there are shots to help this also from a doctor.

Thanks again...

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