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Would like to make friends.

Wasted Ink

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Unfortunately for three years I've been out of school due to an illness. Finally I am getting some investigations/treatment for said illness and hoping I'll be able to go back to school this coming September. Hoping.


The problem is, with being out of school, I honestly don't have any friends. I worry that there is something wrong with me. I do worry that I sometimes come accross as a bit awkward. I'm certainly not 'cool.' I did join a group and went for three years, but all the kids already knew each other and had massive personalities. I felt like the shy, quiet one amongst them and we never became friends outside of the group.


I’d really like to try and make some friends around my age. Due to the massive amount of time I’ve spent out of school I do find adults much easier to get along with than people my age. I don’t know why this is, but I don’t feel as judged around older people. But I want to make friends my age.


I honestly don't have a best friend or even a good friend; it leaves a real void there which I would like to fill. I'm 17 years old.


How can I go about it?

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Hi Wasted Ink,


I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. You WILL get better by God's Grace.


I once read somewhere....Friends are like diamonds. Hard to find...difficult to shape...easy to lose. So you want to be sure where you look to find good people who could later turn into good friends.


You're coming out of an illness, so you'll want to spend time with people who will be both sympathetic and supportive of you. People who will show you kindness and compassion.


A good way to start is by joining your local church teen group. Or if you feel up to it....a vlounteer group. It can be your local Red Cross or even the Haiti relief support. Helping others really does make you feel a whole lot better.


I know you said you prefer making friends with people who are older than you are but take it from me (i'm 34). Not everyone who's older in age is older in maturity. I've seen 20 year olds act better than some 40 year olds. So don't always use age as a measure to making friends.


On a last note if you ever need someone to talk to....please feel free to email me anytime.


I hope i've helped.



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