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St. Patrick's Day in Dublin


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Hey I just wanted to know if anyone's celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and if it's worth going there for it? (I'm relatively close, Spain).


I had been planning on going but I just realized it happens at the same time as another festival I want to go to in Spain (Las Fallas). I could go to Dublin and still catch the last 2 days of Las Fallas, just be a little (well very) tired/hungover.


So does anyone know if the party is extra crazy in Dublin, or just the same as everywhere else? Also, anyone know if there is a last call in Ireland?



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A friend of mine who travels a lot went to Dublin for st. patty's day and was a little disappointed. He said that the parties in the U.S. and England are better. This is second hand info though... hopefully someone else has a first hand experience.


I'm going to Dublin on Saturday and really excited!

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Hey guys, im actually from dublin myself, bubblin in dublin as we say


St patricks Day in dublin is great craic and i would deffinetly reccomend it !!


We have a really good parade in the city centre where most of the action happens, be prepared for long ques while waiting to get a drink in the pubs though although the fun you have chatting to random people while queing up for them is good fun too !!


If you will be drinking around the city centre afterwards, eg temple bar, dame street, expect to pay high prices for food and drink (irelands not cheap)


Like any major festival, there is always the minority who can ruin your day, mainly teenagers who have been boozing all day and will go into the city centre, most tend to be gone by 6 or 7pm though.....couples of places id reccomend for great ballad sessions in the city centre / templebar would be, oliverjohn geogarthys, the temple bar, knightsbridge, or copper face jacks....you tend too jus stay in the one pub once your comfortable though.....it really is what you make it, but sure us irish will be more than happy too help you out with that


hope some of that info helped !!


slan go foil mo chara (take care my friends)


sean x

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