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How can I grow my art business?

jess watson

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I have one son and as of next week he is going to go to a creche/daycare from 11am to 5pm. I volunteer at a homeless shelter that teaches art from 3pm to 5pm


So I have 4 hours spare per day every weekday. This is so I can set up working for myself. Since May 2009 I have been selling art and fashion on Etsy. I have made about $1500. I have been trying to get into an art gallery for about 6 months with no luck. What I need advice with is which direction I should go in for these free hours. I promote my Etsy shops via twitter and facebook but that only takes up a few minutes here and there. I blog and comment on blogs and that can use up an hour or so.


Do you think I should just stay at home and paint?? I mean a big part of me being successful is going to be having a great product and I obviously need to stay creative. The problem is that when I am painting I become scared that I am not promoting my work and that I am painting for nothing - because I wont be letting anyone know about my paintings.


One last thing, this recession killed my sales on Etsy so I need to find a bigger way to make money through art also


thanks for reading and I appreciate any comments at all . cheers!

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I would definitely create an online web site for yourself if you haven't already. You can register you own domain (such as link removed or whatever) and host a web site for relatively low cost. You could always use a template web site building tool if you have no HTML experience too.


Once you have that as a foundation you can start putting it on business cards, etc, and running search engine campaigns to target the right customers.


Just some ideas.

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