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What do I do?


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There's this man who works near my workplace. I first saw him a couple of months ago and I'd just smile at him and wish him good morning or say hi on the way to work.

A few days later I just noticed that every time I saw him he would always hold eye contact a bit longer than normal. If we met sometime during the day we'd just chat very generally.

I then realised that he'd remember just about each and every thing I'd ever talk to him about. I never even told him my name but he already knew it, I think he heard it when a friend was talking to me, in a queue at a food place.

He is pretty mild mannered and quite good looking. I do find him very attractive but he's definitely at least 10 years older than me.

What I find strange is that he's never ever made a move. I talked to a few colleagues who spoke to him as well, but they mentioned nothing strange in his behaviour toward them.

But he still continues looking deeply into my eyes every time he sees me. And even when I say something half funny, he laughs and giggles(lol) like it was the most hilarious thing in the world. And even when I ignore him, I see him looking at me before glancing away. And if I'm within earshot he calls me to his attention and begins chatting about some inane matter.

Anyways, the sad thing is that it's only in the very recent past that I've noticed just how loving and passionate his beautiful eyes are. Lol.

But anyways the thing is I'm getting transferred to another place of work soon and will not be seeing him around the area as I used to.

But I'm just so intrigued by the whole situation. I am not sure why he's never approached me.

My theory is that he must be married (tho he doesn't wear a wedding band) or in a committed relationship...that's why he's admiring from afar...but I totally have no proof!

But anyways it's really annoying, I dunno I just want to know the reason...I can't understand his behaviour.

I so casually want to ask him why he stares so intently into my eyes, but I just don't know how to go about it. Maybe I can work it in when I say I'll be leaving soon, lol.

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Crazyaboutdogs - It seems like I am the one living in fantasyland then...


Any other opinions, guys?


I don't see that...sounds like you are puzzled by his overt attentiveness but inability to carry anything forward. A mystery is intriguing...and he is a mystery...but mystery men do not make good partners because mystery men like to bait women and do the "let's pretend" in order to get them intrigued. He lives in fantasyland, baiting you, being mysterious but never taking it beyond the fantasy. You are puzzled because you would like to take it out of fantasyland into the real world, but he likes to remain in the fantasy.

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