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Is valentines day for the woman in the relationship or should she recognize it too?


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My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. he told me that he has a very nice day planned for valentines day which is this sunday. he said its going to be a very fun day with a nice meal but he wont tell me anything else. he just said that im going to have a fun time. for valentines day i made this little lve mailbox and decorated it with a picture of us and a few other things and inside the mailbox theres a card, candy and this little book. is this good enough?


is valentines day really meant for the girl? what could he be planning..i am very curious and just want to be prepared!


has anyone ever been in a relationship around 6 months at valentines day?


thankkk youu!!

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In my opinion it's a day for lovers, so a day to celebrate being in a couple together, not for one person in a couple.


I guess it's just what you're used to though.

Funnily enough, where my girlfriend is from, valentines day is for the guy in the relationship- there's a separate day for women.

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