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is valentines day not an option? too cliche and corny??


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Is asking someone to be a valentine or do something on valentines day too cliche or corny?? And i'm not talking about someone you are already in a relationship with or are on the verge of being on one, I'm talking about using valentines day to ignite things and start things off between you and that someone that you've been eyeing.


See there is this girl I have been eyeing for quite some time, I like her and not sure if she feels the same way, but we've only hung out like two times. Then an idea popped into my head, being that valentines day is this weekend, I was thinking of using that romantic holiday to finally ask her out. I was thinking of texting her and asking her if she has any plans for that day. If not then I'll text her back "oh how come?" and I'll look at her response and then text her back an invitation to do something with me on valentines day(or maybe straight up ask her to be my valentine?) I know this sounds really corny and lame, but either a girl would find this very cute and would love to have something to do on valentines day, or they will find it extremely cliche and corny.


What do you lady's think out there? Is valentines day best to be avoided? Or would you love for someone you know to do something like this? I dunno, maybe valentines day is best for couples or people who have already been talking. Either I will be firmly rejected or she will fall for this romantic gesture. What do you guys think?

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