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Do guys mind letters asking if they're okay?


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A friend of mine decided for a new years resolution to quit smoking. he has for a good chunk of his life, and he just quit cold turkey. him and i started hanging out a little more at music shows. and recently he's been holding onto me a lot more dancing a lot closer, holding hands, even kisses on the head and cheek. I really care about this guy a lot. he's always on my mind, and everytime i see him my stomach gets all tingley.. and i saw him last night. and he was not himself. he was just quiet, and beyond out of it. usually hes dancing with me, hugging me, and we have a lot of fun together. but i could tell he's detached. so after i left the show.. i went home really bummed out. normally he leaves me on cloud 9 for the entire week until i see him again.


anyway, this morning, i sent him a message on facebook, and it was basically something along the lines of, are you okay and such. and i told him if it was because of the smoking i'm proud that he's sticking to it, and i know that he can do it. and if he needed anything to let me know.

just a simple note, nothing extreme, nothing long.


i did it because i care about him, and him being happy. i know addictions are hard to quit.. but i told a couple of my girl friends what i did and they said i made a mistake by doing that. I see no harm in it..


i thought guys liked getting letters from girls. i'm kinda lost in the dark. haha




thanks everyone for your answers

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