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Why do I feel so insecure?


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of happy to have stumbled upon this website because I feel like all of my friends are in relationships and they are strongs ones...but mine is not.


My now 'ex-boyfriend' and I just broke up last week. We have been fighting a lot most recently about stupid little things that obviously bothered us about the other person. When we broke up he said he wanted to get his life figured out and that he wants us to be together eventually. I feel so impatient and stupid for waiting for him, but i don't know what to do. When I say 'get his life figured out'--he is in a lot of debt, in the middle of transfering jobs, and doesn't feel like acts like the boyfriend he wants to be.


IT MAKES ME CONFUSED...and drives me insane.

I don't think there is any other girls because he is very loyal-that's just his personality.

what i don't understand is why we can't be together and work it out together while he's in transition...i mean is it really necessary for us to not be together while he's 'figuring everything out?'

We also have a dog together and have been shipping her back in forth between our two houses every 3-4 days. (Makes things a weee bit difficult for N/C)

Any advice on what I should do....




Thanks for reading

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It all depends how you feel about him. If you can see a future with him then give him the space he needs, and while he figures things out you can focus on doing things for youself. If you think the fighting is always going to continue and eventually will not work out then there is no point on waiting. I can partly relate to this because my boyfriend has to figure things out too, but he didn't ask me for space. Maybe it is the fighting that is getting to him on top of all his problems.

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weve been together for seven months...and things are starting to look up now. we are planning on hanging out on valentines day and he told me he wants to make things work.


as far as fighting over the little things goes, thats just it...when we have bigger problems were both there for eachother and its amazing. i think we are both learning when and where to choose our battles.


but thanks for the advice...everyone...

i gave him his space and so far everything is looking good.

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