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Overwelming Thoughts

Perfect Dark

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I am worrying about small and stupid things and I can not think straight or concentrate. I can't stop thinking something is going to happen even though I know nothing will happen, it's driving me crazy. I know it's going to build up until I self harm to feel a release and I haven't since April!!!


Everything is annoying me, the sound of some one eating makes me want to punch a wall even the sound of someone's voice. I just feel on the edge and I hate it.


I just feel so panicky over small stupid things along with awful nightmares.


Is this anxiety?

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Is this anxiety?


No! When reading your post. The word "Frustration" come to mind!


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You need to find a outlet, I know you like to go to the gym, it will cover the physical part but you need to look at ways to change the way you think. Sometimes it is good to follow a "yes and no" approach (can I change it) if answered yes put a plan in action to get to your goal, if answered no take it as it is done, over, "fineto". It is sometimes good to limit the amount of time you spent on making a decision.

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Thanx I will try it. I just feel awful.


Things that have gone wrong this week


Got my phone stolen

Mum had a breast Cancer scare (she got the all clear) and didn't bother to tell any of the family!

Got my bank pin blocked- my fault for being drunk

My stuff from Amazon has gotten lost in the post, money lost

Impending redundancy in April

Girl I was dating doesn't want a r/ship

Boss keeps making sexual comments to me


This all happened in one week!


I want to scream, other stuff is bothering me but I don't want to go into it. I'm on the verge of a panic attack.

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