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Feeling like the odd man out among friends


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I try my best to be humble and show restraint when it comes to my personal desires, I often do this in order to not appear impulsive, but apparently this has backfired on me.


Now in my circle of friends birthdays seemed to have gone around in a weird order where my birthday fell between two of my other friends' bday. Each of them got a gift from the circle group on their respective birthdays (even I gave something), however on my birthday all I got was a phone call wishing me happy birthday.


Now prior to my recent friend's birthday there were some secretive things being talked about by my other friends and I originally thought that it might have something to do with my absent bday gift and they told me that it might (jokingly) but as I later found out, it had nothing to do with me and they were simply yanking my chain.


Now I'm feeling a combination of resentment and guilt partially because I believe that I let this happen by acting stoic, so now my basic dilemma is how can I let my friends know how I feel without coming off self-centered?

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