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I was doing just great getting close to a week of NC and now he emails me twice in a day??? WOW, what an honor! I am furious with this man. First he breaks up with me and he wants me to basically leave him alone and heal...then he is unhappy, then he wants to talk,...I agree to talk, makes me feel so guilty just to make himself feel better for hurting me, points fingers like there is no tomorrow, I ask questions that I NEED answers too, he´s pissed, tells me it´s nothing left to say, I go ahead and cut him off..NOW he is wondering how am I doing????


Sweet mother of what is good and holy, I would rather become a nun and never talk to a man again than trying to figure this one out!!!


I was doing fine in NC...I actually ate and watched a movie without crying at it...now I am back to where it all started.

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