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I cant stand him talking to my friends - its driving me insane


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I cannot stand my boyfriend talking to my friends - talking meaning emailing. I know they feel inclined to reply because they dont want to upset him. We have been through similar situations.

He has NO friends at all - to email, he has one best friend ( I have been through this before )

It just annoys me when I am sitting at my desk and I get an email with me and my friend included - from my boyfriend about some awesome place to eat.

He doesnt have anyone else to email - this REALLLLLYYYY annoys me. Because I know if they dont seem interested or respond he gets upset ( he is 32)

I am sitting at my desk this morning with my chest about to explode. I want him to DO HIS WORK and stop sending stupid emails. Doesn't he have any work to do? Why cant he do something else? It's really annoying and frustrating. Sometimes he talks to my friends more than I TALK to them.

Its starting to really turn me off him. Bigtime.


Am I over reacting?

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while it might be annoying, i would think there are bigger things to worry about.


Maybe he feels a bit lonely and wants to email some one he knows (even if its mutually through you). If he has no other friends and gets upset if they dont reply, there is obviously a reason why to that. maybe he just wants to be included?


if it bothers you that much, talk to him. Otherwise, just be calm and act likes its nothing and get on with your work. After all, its just an email...... at least your aware he's doing it and he's not going be hind your back.

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