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Now I Feel.....Embarrased!!!

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Now that I feel like i'm over her, all I can say is....


"How embarrasing"


I know that ena affords us some sort of anominity, but here i've been all these months going over the same old story about this girl who is clearly one of the worst people I have met in my life...a girl that lied about the most serious of stuff, treated me really badly and messed me about (a good friend).


Not to mention being embarrased that the people who warned me that she was no good, now know that I was interested in her and saw the effect it had on me. They understand, but surely now see me as a little naive. To think they see me as a person who would want to be associated with 'her' is really cringe worthy.


I can't believe I let her rule my head for so long. She is a toxic person who only used me for attention & I wish I had listened to my instincts telling me 'walk away'.


Lies about rape, having a fake kid and all the countless lies about her life and family members (whom I feel sorry for), are the worst kinds imaginable.


To think I wanted to be part of her horrible little world is frightening. I guess I should just be glad that i'm through the pain and am stronger for it. Learned lessons too. I'll be more careful who I trust my heart with next time.


They say to truly open your heart, first it has to be broken.


Still...so embarrased


Thanks everyone, you've been a big help over the past months!

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Please don't be embarrassed. No need. You learned a very valuable lesson and you have come out of it smarter and more aware!


Certainly have...Tough lesson though, lol...By the way...is that pic of you? Wow!


It's good that you have actually seen the light. She sounds dreadful!!! I'm sure it gives you some comfort to be able to see what she was really like


Yup, there are factors I had wished didn't happen, but maybe if they didn't I wouldn't have learned the truth...so no regrets.


Dreadfull...That's a word I haven't used to describe her in the past, but it is spot on. I dread to think what life with her would have been like. Perhaps the feelings would have continued to blind me. Who knows what that future would have been like.


I know that before, having kids with someone wasn't a factor in who I was attracted to, but after this it will be. For her to be the mother of my children would have been a disaster, and I don't use that term lightly.


She lied about having a kid and he was always getting hurt in some way. This is called munchousens by proxy. It's where the mother falsely claims that her child is unwell to gain sympathy/attention from others.


This is crazy enough, but she didn't even have a kid in the first place So who knows what she would be like when faced with a real life child of her own. Not mine thank you very much (shudder). She is an attention seeking little scumbag...


...Just wish i'd seen it sooner

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I can't even find a word to describe someone who would lie about such things, but crazy comes to mind lol Well I think you are pretty lucky to have an ex like that, at least you aren't pining after her thinking how wonderful she is


To think I ever thought of her as 'wonderful'


Time to stop thinking about it entirely. The worst thing she ever did, worse even than the lying, is that she made me feel so bad for so long...needlessly.


I think a lot of girls lead guys on & I wish they'd realise that the little 'buzz' they get, that lasts for only a little while....can hurt the guy so much that it can last for months.


She is obviously the worst kind of girl. I suspect that she has low self esteem & this guy (good friend or not) chasing her, was giving her that 'buzz'. She didn't care what my feelings were.


But, yeah...who lies like that. Better far away from a destructive influence like hers. I'm one million times better than that


I'm a good guy & she's an evil girl. That's like water and oil...don't mix at all.

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