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I said I love you too soon ... :(


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I'm dating this great guy for a month! We have been seeing eachother every other day and spend 3 weekends together and a short trip. Everything was amazing. After 2 weeks he asked for exclusivity and he changed his Facebook status to relationship. We started to get intimate after 2nd week.

He introduced me to his parents and friends last weekend. This is all coming from him. Yesterday night we were cuddling, saying all these things like: I'm so glad I found you etc. etc.

Then I slipped and silently whispered... "I love you" (and meant it, in a caring way). And he freaked out and wasn't even sure he was even 'in love' with me.

He said, I like you, I think a lot about you and like to spend time with you but I'm confused about my feelings... He felt that a few weeks ago when we first started going out but that the first exitement rush faded a bit.

I felt shocked ofcourse, I thought everything was going so great. I wished I just hadn't said anything... I'm not overly emotional and throw the I love you's around with guy's I'm seeing. I felt safe in the moment expressing that I care for him in that way. And now I think I damaged a good thing.

What can I do??

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Thats what love and relationships are. chance!! Maybe he is scared of something. Maybe he is scared of things being to good to be true and backing out?? He said that the newness faded a bit? It only fades if one or both people let it fade. It doesnt sound like you are letting anything fade so it must be him. I know you really like him but its better to catch these flaws in the beginning rather than later. If you back off, he may realize what he did wrong and come back for things to be even stronger but if he doesnt, than he doesnt deserve you! You took a chance by opening yourself up. The least he could have done was say thank you and commend you for your courage to say that so soon. Not bash you down! I would leave him alone for a bit until he figures out what he wants!


Im never gonna forget when i first met my girl, her and i were both so boggled at how into each other we were. Neither of us ever had that connection with anyone before. Everytime we hung out, we were so fascinated with one another that it seemed too good to be true. I had started feeling like i was falling for her a couple weeks in and she admitted the same. It scared me that i felt this way soo soon though that i actually started to put a guard up but a few friends pulled me aside and said they have seen me with alot of women but they have never seem me so into one like i was my girl then. we didnt say I love you until Valentines day but it was good timing ( almost 1 month into the relationship). The spark/romance phase should atleast last 4-5 months before it starts to fade. For some it lasts even longer if you both know how to keep it going! My girl and i have been together a year now and have had our ups and downs but we recently started going to counseling to fix some individual items to keep the relationship strong and healthy. The spark/romance phase never has to truly die. Only if one gets comfortable is when it does. DONT GET COMFORTABLE!

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