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She Broke Up With Me But Says She Misses Me And Wants To See Me?


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As you can read in my other posts i am going threw a break up right now which

is literally killing me, i cant sleep, hardly eat and im trapped on memory lane

i have never felt as much pain in my lifetime.


anyways yesterday i send her a txtmsg sayin hey how you doin, could i maybe call you up right quick& ask you something? 2 hours later she called me back claiming their her celly was turned off and just turnd it on now n saw that i called. she asked me how i was doin i said well somethings missing but im alright. i asked her if there was a chance to meet for a coffe and without a hesitation she said yes and that she really would love to see me again and that she misses me and that i am always in her heart and always b a good friend

and then i interrupted her and said hey i just want you to tell me all these things in person because if thats how you really feel you will have no problem to do that because you have already made your mind up and then its easier for me to let go. and then she asked me if she got that right that i want her to tell me these things in person and i said yes and she asked like if she was suprised.

anyways meet this or next friday.

people i love this girl so much and i really dont want to let go,

does it sound like i maybe have a chance?

she say she misses me and would love to c me again,

the last time we saw us was 3 weeks ago

and she broke up with me 1 week ago.



what do yall think?

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That's a tough one.. I would go but only if u know that if u get rejected u will be alright because what if u open up and now she has control and then uses it against u?

Why didn't she call u if she missed u?

Why didn't she text u if she missed u and wants to see u?

I'm still new so I hope someone with more experience comments.

But whatever u do make sure u keep ur head up and don't let her see u sweat

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she actually texted me on friday to c how im doin,


i dont know i just want her to say all these things she said

why she breaking up n everything in my face cuz to do

those type of things over the cellphone after not seeing eachother

two weeks is i guess more easy and for me when i know alright

its really really not ment to be( after she told me in person) thats

when i can move on, maybe yall could read my whole story on the other posts

and then tell me what yall think.


thanks to everybody

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