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I'm losing my BestFriend! Help!


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My best friend is mad at me and sorta depressed.Well here's the story...At a school dance her crush asked me to dance and I did because I was like the only person not dancing(now I regret it)well when I went to the dancefloor with him he said let's go by your friend. Well I could see her a few people away just looking at me so I stayed looking down. Well I think he was just trying to get her to notice him or it was a dare. I think she got angry about me dancing with him and worse how he was dancing with me.


I tried to explain to her that he doesn't like me he likes her(even though I'm not sure if he likes her(they flirt and he doesn't like me)) I also tell her I don't like him I just don't think she belives me even though she knows who I like.


When I was talking to her she kept saying she's going to give up that he likes me that it doesn't matter about her because it's good for me.


So how can I explain to her or talk to him about it(if that's a good idea)?


If you need to know we have been best friends for 11 years. And her crush is 2 years older than us and they have only know each other for not even a year. And I don't like him.


Please Help!

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No, don't speak with him about this--that would betray your friend's confidence and she'd hate you forever.


She's in a sulk and will miss you and get over it in time. You've said your peace, so quit speaking of it anymore unless friend asks you something specific that you can answer.


This doesn't mean close off the friend, just continue to treat her as kindly and as normally as possible--without bring up her troubles. Time will heal this better than words, and you've already offered your best words.


Head high, you did FINE.

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