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Guys.....very close to working out and i REALLY dont want to do anything stupid...


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very quick recap:


-firt gf and me went out for about 7 month, she broke up with me and started seeing someone else

-kept me as backup throughout the whole process until i finally couldnt handle it and left

-shhe broke up with bf and about a month later started talking to me casually



So we started tlaking again and when we went out i was super dramatic and way too intense so i really worked on myself and try to keep things casual which has been working well. Anyways at school wed meet up just to hang out but yesterday aturday night, she showed up at my house crying about a family problem and we spent the rest of the night together just hanging out nothing beyond that.

Today we talked and decided to hang out again and we spent all the afternoon just watching movies and spending time together.


Im keeping my feelings under control alot better then i thought but i defnitely still like her. She had an amazing time to and texts me a lot.


Pleae how do i continue from here, do i keep things really caual? I know both of us are being super careful right now and neither wants to be the first to admit anything but i really dont want to play games.


I could really use hlep befor i do something stupid. This site has helped me grow so much and really has helped me i nway you cant imagine, so thank for everything

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Watch yourself player, I think she's spotted you as a plan B! She left you after seven months and started seeing somebody else. The minute that didn't work anymore, she was right back at you. Who's to say that this isn't only temporary until she finds someone else to be with? My theory: If you weren't good enough then to deter her from leaving you for someone else, than it's a no go.

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You know what..I think it would really bother me if I felt like a 'backup plan'.

I'm an adult.I don't play games anymore.Yes, they might work in the short term, but in the long run it's just ridicullous. You know what I would suggest from a woman's point of view?? I would tell you to man up and stop being her fallback guy. Start dating other women...and let her know you're dating others. And who cares if it bothers her? If you

REALLY want her respect you won't be at her beck and call.

Let me tell you....if she DOES like you in the way you want her to, she will let you know.If she doesn't then you've just saved yourself a LOT of wasted time and games.


Another thing I would suggest is for you to stop 'hanging out' with her.That's what girlfriends do with each other.You're not her g/f.She KNOWS you're interested in her, and she's taking advantage of it. So step back, and take control. If she's not willing to go on a proper date with you, then make plans with other friends or other women.

She'll respect you..AND desire you more when you respect YOURSELF.

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