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Does this sound like FWB? Unclear what she wants


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I would update old thread.. cant find it.. Met this girl a month ago... we went on 2 dates that went well.. We both go to the same small college... Last date was 2 saturdays ago.. I did all the initial contact... she never contacted me first..


Didnt talk to her after 2nd date for a couple of days until tuesday, when I asked her to go out for icecream after her basketball practice... she said yeah, but said she cant stay out late cuz she had class the next day... she cancelled, i asked somethign come up... she said well she got out of dinner late and her friends wanted to go over to the gym (i mean if she really wanted to go, she would have).


I let it be a couple of days... we hung out partied together that Thursday and hooked up for the first time... nothing major, just making out and feeling around with clothes on.. After tuesday we scheduled for friday, but she cancelled again, saying she had a game the next day and she was so tired and sore (understandable, we were up til 4 am)..


That saturday (not yesterday) she texted me asking if I was going to a party she was going to, i said yeah, met her there, but she got in an argument with her roommate (so i kind of stood by her, offered to leave the party with her and calm her down).. this is the only text ive received from her that i didnt intiate convo


This past thursday we partied and hooked up again more serious, we were going to have sex, but she had her period, and we fooled around without clothes on in other ways..


I mean im confused, weve gone on a couple dates, I havent asked for another date in a couple weeks since she seemed to have low interest after cancelling twice... I can tell shes interested, I mean we have hooked up, but she NEVER iniates contact first, even after knowing her a month. She told her friend she was going to make me come to her/I guess chase her, but i think its a bit ridiculous to have to do all the iniating after the month..


I guess the question is, what do I do? How often do I iniate contact?Currently im sending her a text once every other or every 2 days to say hey, but im not going to send one everyday and look needy if she isnt going to reciprocate the effort.. I mean she always answers back and quickly, but she is definitely someone I would be interested in a relationship with and not just a Friends with Benefits..


Any input appreciated... thanks guys

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She told her friend she was going to make me come to her/I guess chase her, but i think its a bit ridiculous to have to do all the iniating after the month..


A bit silly of her to stand on ceremony after she shed her clothes for you and did all kinds of sexual stuff with you!! I would suggest backing off and let her contact you. You have shown enough interest...forget the games she is playing and back off.

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No. I might not have a clue about relationships, but I've dating down reasonably well. That just shows you're insecure.


next time you see her, it should be because she is DESPERATE to see you. I mean, you should probably flake on her once or twice. But don't make a big deal out of anything. That just messes things up.

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