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Breaking Out All of a Sudden

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I'm so annoyed.. in the last week.. my face has broken out. My mom & sister say you can barely notice the pimples. They're not huge, they're little and red. They're on my chin, nose and cheeks. You can't REALLY notice them, but I can see the redness and it's only getting worse, which doesn't make much sense to me.


I'm actually worried because I used to have very bad acne from ages 8 through 14. I literally went on every pill and cream and eventually had to take Accutane. It completely cleared my skin up and about a yr later, the acne came back so I went on it again. That was 2 years ago and since then, I've only had random pimples here and there. But now I'm afraid it'll start up again! I don't have the patience or strength to go through the process again.


I'm not sure what it could be? Here's a list of things I've already ruled out:


- No major changes in my lifestyle, besides that I've been eating junk more often (but food has never really affected my skin)

- No more stress than usual

- Been using sunscreen with SPF as a moisturizer for months now and it was fine

- Face wash has been the same for a year


Help anyone!

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I know what you mean, my skin has been pretty unpredictable in the past. I've dealt with acne on and off, but currently, my skin seems to be calm for the most part. For me, i have found that what i eat has a noticeable effect on my skin; when i used to eat more junk foods (and especially frozen foods), it was definitely showing up on my face as well and causing a lot of inflammation.


You say that your diet hasn't had an effect on your skin in the past, but i think that the things that effect your skin are subject to change as well. I guess it's just something to think about. If you're not currently drinking a good amount of water each day, i'd recommend adding in a bit more, and cutting out some of the sugar/salt that you might normally have.


It may also be time to try a different cleanser. For a few years, i used the same liquid cleanser with no problems, but after a while i found that my skin started responding differently to it. I ended up making a change. I'd recommend looking on (link removed) and browsing the reviews on there, just in case you might consider making a switch; it's a really helpful site.

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I think it's the weather. For years, I didn't have any pimples on my face, and now I have:


- Two on my neck

- One on the side of my nose

- And one on my forehead


They're small, but the one on the side of my nose hurts like crazy! I know it's not stress; I'm actually less stressed than I have been last month, and I never broke out then.


It's this dry, cold weather.

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Could be contact dermatitis. Two things to consider; 1) your laundry detergent used on your bed linens, and 2) your hair products. We can develop new allergies to anything, so these don't need to be new to be the culprit.


Try using a laundry soap free of dyes and perfumes, and give your bed linens an extra rinse. Change your pillowcases every day so your hair products (and anything they attract from the environment) won't leave a soil that upsets your face.


Another thing to try might be an enzyme serum from Isomers Labs (Isomers.ca) called Enzyme Peel. Unlike the name, it's not really a peel--it's as gentle as you can get. It exfoliates dead cells and clears the sebum from your pores without upsetting sensitive skin. It's used right after washing your face. It's so gentle you can fall asleep without rinsing it off, but I rinse after 20 minutes to apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. Use the most gentle cleanser possible and stay away from harsh acne products--they can dry you out and make this worse.


I hope you'll let us know how you make you. Fingers crossed for you.

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I agree, it's probably best to switch up your face wash. Your skin is probably used to your old routine, so it's no longer helpful.


Your skin stops responding to anything with glycolic acid in it. To revive the response, switch to a salicylic acid product instead, and pull in the glycolic product for just a few days here and there.


In other words, if your old face wash was glycolic and so is your new wash, put the new one aside for a while and use a salicylic instead.

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