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What is your view on abortion?


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Or what do you think this girl should do--

My brother (eighteen) recently got his girlfriend (seventeen) pregnant. They used protection and she got her period so I'm not sure how it happened, but it did..

He's graduating from high school this year, and has scholarships to attend a college 2-3 hours from home. She is still in high school another year.

He told my parents a little bit ago, they think she should at least think about abortion, which probably won't happen since they have different views.

I personally think my brother should go to college regardless. It may have an affect on the baby, him not being there that often.. what do you think?

I'm more worried about my stepdad and my mom being judgemental/negative about this. I think of it more as he was unlucky, not that he made a huge mistake. I mean, he used protection. My mom said something like "that was a dumb decision" which might be true, but what good does it do to tell someone they made a dumb decision like that when it already happened? I'd just like to know what I can do to help/what should I tell him, as his older sister (i'm 20)

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I think they should make the decision that:

- is best for the child AND

- they can live with


Obviously none of us on here can say what that decision will be. It sounds like adoption could be a good option, if that's something that they think they could live with.


Re: college, if they decide to keep the child, your brother going to college will help support the child throughout his life, which is positive. However, a child also needs his father, so if I were him I would try to go to college close to home so that I could see the baby nights, or at least week-ends. College 2 hours away sounds reasonable to you, but he'll have to buckle down, and come home to be a father on the week-ends rather than stay on campus and enjoy college life/parties etc. If they decide to keep the baby, he has to be very clear that although he doesn't have to give up his dream of completing his education, he does have to grow up fast and behave like an adult, not like your typical college student.

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Ulimtaetly, this is their choice. You can tell them all you want, but they need to decide what is right for them, and only they can decide. Its how THEY feel about abortion, not us..since we aren't the ones in their position.


Offer your opinion and advice, but really...they need to do whats best for them.

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