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Can oral (to a girl) instantly feel good?


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I'll explain later why I'm asking this and why this detail is important.

What I mean is: Can a girl instantly enjoy oral sex or is it always required to stimulate her a bit first with caressing etc?

If she is wet is that evidence enough that she enjoys it?


Now the reason why I ask this is that my ex dumped me in 2 phases:


- September, 7th : Said she needed time & space (classic) and had sex a last time with me. She said something intriguing that day before we had sex: "Let's see if the sex works better than the talking" (we already had a total communication breakdown the preceding weeks)

We both had little time so I sort of skipped extended foreplay and went straight for her privates with my tongue and she instantly said "Oh feels good"

I wonder if she was simulating or whether it is still possible that she really enjoyed it.


- November,20th She dumped me over the telephone. We had not met again since last time, nor did she text me/phone me before. That makes me assume that she must have thought that even sex wasn't better than talking.

It matters to me because although I usually had longer foreplay the other times before I remember that she often used to say "Oh feels good" when I performed oral on her. And I'm starting to doubt if I'm good in bed and she might have left me coz of bad sex.

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It really does depends on the girl. for me it doesn't really matter if foreplay before oral or not is fine with me. I work both way


So judging from most answers I've got so far I should conclude that she probably DID enjoy but that communication had broken down to the point of no return and that's why she finalised the dumping process?

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