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How to build attraction


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Well i went on 2 dates with a girl (a new record for me) over the last month and got the flick from her this week. Now this has been happening for the last 6 years, so i decided to think back to all (there arent many) dates i have been on, and all the other girls who have rejected me. Each girl i thought of i wrote down what i thought went wrong.


Now initially my issue was confidence, but that has been fixed due to my job as a cop, and a NLP hypnosis mp3 on confidence from Paul Mckenna. So my problem now is im not flirty enough, there is never that vibe or spark on a date when a kiss just happens, it always feels forced (which is why i havent persued it hard). Now only a few kisses in my life have just happened and they have been when i was drunk (but were really great), so i know i can do it, i just dont know how to. I dont want to sound egotistical or anything, but i shouldnt be in this situation. Im told by alot of people im good looking, i have a good job, and im not an a**hole, im also very laid back.


Can anyone offer some advice on how to fix my situation. I would really like to know then names of some good hypnosis/nlp mp3's on charisma or attraction or something, because they work really well.

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The absolute best way to flirt is body language. What you say doesn't matter for the most part. Unfortunately though, body language is not as easy to master as words.


I can give you a couple tips though (assuming you are at dinner or coffee):


- Lean forward when she is talking, like you are interested (whether or not you are).


- Don't cross your arms and make sure your body is facing hers.


- Eye contact. I cannot stress how important this is. I'm not sure how to explain the nuance of this, but don't stare her down creepy. Look deep into her eyes like she is interesting, captivating, beautiful.


One thing I find that works, is occasionally when there is a lull in the conversation I will just look in her eyes and smile. Without fail, every single girl will get sort of bashful and ask me, "what?" and I tell them, "nothing. You just look really beautiful". They get all giggly and look away.


- Also, while you shouldn't be staring at her boobs the whole time. You should check her out when she thinks that you think she is not looking (if you can follow that lol). So like you are trying to sneak checking her out, but make it just obvious enough so that she sees it.


(For instance: just say she stands up to adjust her dress, check her out and let her catch you, but look away or back at her face right away like you were trying to hide it.)


- Make sure you hug at the beginning and end of every date, even first dates. Don't make it awkward though, do it like you hug everyone you meet. Act like it is nothing. Maybe leave your hands around her waist a tad bit longer than normal as you are pulling away.


The key of the body language is to sort of unconsciously let her know that you are interested in her as more than a friend without being obvious. There is an art to it really, it takes practice.

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