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new relationship already broken

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okay so i was out with my friends jan 16 and i saw this guy there. we had saw each other out a ocuple of times before as far back as november. we talked a couple of times. but i had someone else back then that i was with and it kept being an on again off again relationship cause the other guy kept breaking up with me and stuff. well he was being distant and it wasnt working out cause he didn't want to see me so i went out that night with my friends and saw this guy again so we ended up talking. then we left and went to get breakfast and then we sat and talked for hours in his truck and kissed and held each other. found out we had a lot in common and that we really liked each other too. when we saw each other back since november out we both some kind of instant attraction to each other.


well i knew i liked him and i wanted to see him again so the next day i told my on/off again guy that it wasn't going to work out with us and he agreed also that we needed to call it quits. so i told the new guy that i ended it and i started talking to and seeing him.


well mon-fri of the next week, we saw each other every day. we went out and went for a walk and even hung out at his place. well thurs night of that week i ended up spending the night with him. the next morning we got a little intimate but got interrupted when his friend came by.


well i had to go get my son that weekend and he said he had to go to the beach cause he had a job to do. said he had a floor to put in. so we wasn't going to see each other over the weekend. and i got my son.


well he never called over the weekend but i texted him sat and he texted me back later. and we talked a few times on it. he said he missed me and couldn't wait to see me monday. it even said luv ya on it.


and he texted me sunday night saying he couldn't wait to see me the next day.


and monday when he got back i saw him. and we saw each other a few times that week and we went out again on thursday night. i think i stayed over again.


well a week after that. i believe it was i was online and i had added his daughter to my facebook. and i saw this page on there in the links section that went to some formspring page that lets people ask queestions and they answer. well it was some people on there asking a lot of questions and they somehow got started on her dad. saying he was a player.


and she answered a lot of questions saying he was seeing several women at once. me, some lady that lived 1000 miles away where he was from. and some others but it didnt say who. and it said the one that lived 1000 miles away flew to the beach the past weekend just to see him and paid for everything. said he calls them all baby and says not to get their names mixed up.


i asked him about all that and he said it was all lies. i said why would your own family lie . and i sent a message to his daughter and asked her if it was all true adn she said no that she was just joking on there to make people laugh . she said he did have one 1000 miles away but they knew it would never work cause she coudnt leave her job but that it was over.


well i still had doubts cause he was at the beach and because i knew that was a person he saw before from what i read. well last night he texts me and asked me over for dinner. and he said he was going to tell me the truth.


so i go over and he said he wasn't seeing a lot of other women. but that he did see someone at the beach. and that was the only thing that was true. so he spent a week with me after meeting me and then that weekend he went to the beach and stayed in a hotel with this other woman. he didn't even tell me the truth at first. then tells me later. i guess if i never read any of that i wouldn't have found out.


we didn't say we were dating until just last thursday but it still pisses me off.


he said it was a trip planned back in november before he even met me. he said he didn't really have a job down there.


but while he was there he texted he missed me. he said he did and that he knew it was over with her. cause he was supposed to move there but ended up not moving and told her he wasnt going to move and she wanted to see him one more time and thats why they planned that trip back in november. he said it was supposed to be for 9 days but he went back home.


and today he texted her and told her that he didnt tell her that he had been seeing someone the week before he went to the beach and that she didnt know about me or me her. and that he is probably goin to lose me now and he knows he already lost her. she didnt respond.


so i started wondering if anything else on that page was true about him seeing several other women but he said it wasnnt. and his daughter said it was just a joke. but she said that about that lady and it turned out to be true. so i dont know what to believe now image removed


he said he was sorry and that it was over with her and that he would like to still see me. he said he is faithful when he is in a relationship and a one-woman man. but it seemed like he wasnt while at the beach. but we just saw each other a week before.

but still he was with me then at the beach with her and then back to me.


i ended mine and didnt see both so why did he have to go to the beach.


should i give him another try or should i just end it. is he really a player or was we just bad timing. he should've just told me about her. i asked him why and he said cuz he knew it wouldnt work with her cause they would never be together due to distance and he really liked me.


i like him so much but i don't want to be played or hurt. image removed

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Oh, that's a tough one. I was in a similiar situation myself recently, still having an infatuated ex hanging around while i was getting to know somebody else. In the end, i did what you did and told the ex not to contact me so i could focus on my new romance.


Perhaps you could continue to see him, but distance yourself while you work out whether he's trustworthy? You could give it a probation period of 2-3 months and then review it after that.

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Bless those that can date someone and keep their emotions at bay...


This would be a deal-breaker for me. The red flags are waving violently. This level of dishonesty in the first week is not good in any way. If you can control or pace ur emotions and want to forgive him, I'm not going to criticize ya. Just don't want u to get hurt.

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