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wow...i cant believe it...

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You guys probably remember my msgs about how i keep on ignoring my ex in the gym and how even when she try to say hello or goodbye im just turning my head and walking away because she dumped me in a cruel way about 2 months ago, if not go down a bit, it was a pretty controversial thread.

So anyway, i just came back from the gym and im my head is still spining and flying high cuz i cant believe that its happening...

So the day began just like any other day...i woke up all bitter after having another dream about my ex, of course it didnt help to my general function of the day and my concentration level in my science classes in my university was extremely law which got me even more frusturated because for these classes you have to listen to all the details and im usually pretty good at these subject and i really like them, but since the break up my ability to think straight and concentrate went about 50% down.

So after the university, im all tierd, frusturated, still thinking about her all the time decided to go the gym, because it seems to be the only place that can amaizingly take away the stress and take my mind of her (unless she is there, in this case it becomes a really bad place to be at).

So anyway, i went to the gym all and the the same time asking strongly wishing that she would not be there, all i wanted to do is just to relax and to forget about everything.

Anyway, i enter the work out area, look at the sides, just to see that she is not there, and approaching the streching area and start working out with the dumbbels.

In the middle of doing my set, I suddenly saw her best friend looking at me, suddenly my heart started racing and i just put the dumbbel down because i got too nervous and my heart was just racing so i could not continue.

It was my ex's best friend, they always went to the gym together, and actually most of the times we went the 3 of us all together, but it was her best friend.

Her friend and I use to talk a lot when me, my ex and our friend would all go out, and I really liked talking to her , we would always have privet jokes and we always had fun together, but I never got close to her because i knew she was my ex's best friend and my ex is a very jealous person and at the time i really loved my ex and had all the respect in the world for her.

Anyway, I tried to avoid this girl just because of the fact that her sole precense in the gym brought back painful memories of my ex and i could not work out like this.

I was avoiding her for like half an hour or so, but then she approached me herself and started to talk to me.

She asked me how im doing and how i've been, i just kept on telling that everything is just great and i've been dating since then, (even though its a lie, ive been really frustrated and hurt most of the time, and i did not feel like going for dates).

She told me that my ex now lives with the new guy, and they dont see each other as much as they used to see each other when i was still dating her, but they still keep in touch but she kind of feel that my ex is slowly "forgetting" about and spends more time with the new guy in his house (these girls are best friends for the longest time).

So anyway, we started to talk, catch up, laugh just like in the good old days, actually for almost an hour and a half we were standing in a corner and instead of working out we were just talking and making jokes and cracking up really loudly.

towards the end of the conversation she was like "ohh tomorrow is saturday and my friends are all busy so i dont know what im going do, i dont want to sit home"

I dont know why, but i replied "hey lets go go do something crazy and go to Niagra falls in the evening" (niagra falls is a place in canada that has lots of entertainment such as casino and lots of nice stuff)

So she got all excited and said "yess for sure lets do it", and then i jokingly added "should i book a hotel room?"

she just smiled and blushed and then we parted our own ways.

I didnt feel like working out anymore, for the whole time while i was driving home, i was asking myself "what the hell has just happened" "what the hell is going on here" , i dont know my ex trying to set me up or something, it gotta addmit i really enjoyed the whole conversation, laugh is natural remady for bad mood.

I dont even know what to think of that...wahtever happens happens...

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Being one of the people who picked on you in your other thread, I just want to say, go out and have a blast with this girl. But if you are doing it to get back at your ex in anyway, have the decency to walk away from it. Make tomorrow between you and the new girl, it has nothing to do with your ex.

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Tread lightly and carefully here. You said that they have been best friends for the longest time. Even though your Ex isn't spending time with her because she is otherwise occupied, their friendship will prevail. If you got into a relationship with her best friend, it could backfire on you down the road due to their friendship.


Not trying to "rain on your parade." Just be careful given where you are at with healing and the fact that you are going to go and spend time with her friend. Guard your heart with your life.


Have fun - keep it light and enjoy the company.

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Dazed_83 reconciliation? Are you kidding me, as much as my desire tells me that it wants this girl back, i would never ever ever forgive her, so I dont really care to screw the chances of us getting back together, even if she gonna be dying in the hospital and im the only one who could save her...i would not even bother to call her...thats how much i want to go back to her lol

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