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Is anyone traveling to see their SO for Valentine's Day?


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And if so, what are your plans?


I am traveling out to see her, staying for 5 days...I don't know her city very well, but I'm taking her to dinner, got a hotel room downtown for the night, and am doing the requisite flowers, card, etc...(do i need to get her an actual gift?)

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Yes, he is coming to visit me=)


He's coming this Friday night and leaving late Sunday afternoon.


We're are going to have sex sex sex!


Than Saturday we have a dinner reservation at a really nice resteraunt for dinner, something romantic. We also have presents for eachother, I'm getting him the new Bioshock VG and he's getting my a VS gift card.


We may go to a movie after too, or if we dont feel like spending the money, enjoying some quality time at home and renting a movie=)


I just got a dress from my job for V-tines.


This is what I'm wearing!


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