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Is It Time To MAke A Move?

Tom Teylor

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Hey people,


Recently I been starting to date a lady, we been going slow and haven't rushed anything, we've kissed and cuddled and held hands when in the cinema, but we are just "friends" officially; we don't want to rush, it was a joint decision because we both said that there's no point rushing and ruining a friendship or getting together and then discovering we don't get on. Plus we both only split up with partners about 2 months ago.


Anyway, last week when we were talking on the phone we we're saying good bye and she said "love you lots", I just took this as a kind of fun thing to say and I didn't really think about it, because sometimes you do say that to friends in a jokey way.


Anyway over the weekend we started calling each other darling and sweetheart, again I didn't think much of it, I mean I call my female mates darling all the time so it's not abnormal.


But on Tuesday we were texting and when we said good night she said "night sweetheart love you x", now everytime we text to finish she texts "love you x", eventually I plucked up the courage to say "you to x". She's also started saying love you loads when we're on the phone talking too.


I don't for one seconds think she actually loves me before people think that, we only known each other for a few weeks! But Am I right in thinking it maybe time to start moving a little faster? Nothing major but say hold her hand or kiss her on the lips instead of the cheek when we meet?


If we hadn't talked about going slow, I think I would have taken the decision to move onto the next level, but I just want to be sure, so I am asking the advice of your good-selves.

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