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What should I do???


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Everyday I come home from work and my wife of 4 yrs (together 10yrs) is always so negative to my kids and I. She is always yelling at them for minor things and never talking to me. I want to just end it but am afraid that she would get the kids and then I wont be able to be around to protect them from all the verbal punishment.She always complains if I would like to have a me day!!! I think because she has no friends she believes that I shouldnt have any either. I have taken it long enough and dont know what to do????

I called her out on all of this the other night and got into a big argument but the next day she was perfect with the kids.. then she came home today and it was back to normal


I have taken just about all I can



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Hire a sitter and take wife out somewhere she'll enjoy. Ask her to start confiding in you and don't try to solve her problems for her. Ask instead what she WANTS to do differently and listen to her.


If you position yourself as her adversary instead of her partner, you'll land yourself an adversary instead of a partner. Try to think of yourself as being on her team, and treat her with the kind of respect you'd treat a teammate who was failing.


Your wife is failing and she needs a lifeline, not a critic.

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