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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ex contacted me

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I know I haven't posted here in a while but had to let something out.


So after 3 months NC and a month or so of actually knowing I'm moving on (Where life was going the best it ever had) my ex decided to contact me. She then starts going into details about how she has been crying about me during therapy and how she was and still is having such a hard time getting over me.


This feels like it knocked back almost a month or so of progress. Hopefully I can push back to where I was yesterday within a few days though but why did she have to contact me!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrr......


More just a vent than anything. I know for a fact that I should remain NC and that shes probably just going through what I was a month or two ago still but it kind of makes me feel like my changes I have been making to my subconscious mind haven't been as effective as I thought.


anyway its helped letting it out here

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sure do still feel something for her. I don't think that will go away completely ever but everything is great (best its ever been) when we don't talk I go on with my life and each day have been making growth (getting healthier, more confident, getting out and enjoying more hobbies, going on casual dates and also working on my music career). Now that shes contacted me it feels like a lot of that growth has gone especially in the part around positive thinking because there are a lot of negative emotions associated with her.

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I agree with, Vertigoxo. It's tempting to get your hopes up for something like this (even if you appear angry on the outside that she contacted you, you might actually feel a bit excited on the inside), but she could have been told by her therapist to be open with you.


On the bright side, at least she is sad over losing you. This should give you an ego boost however short that may be.

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Thanks guys. I actually played with her a bit leading her on and playing with her head a little which I kinda feel bad about but it has helped me with the resentment a bit. Now the negitive emotions have almost gone which I suppose proves that whatever I have been doing has helped.


Its probably quite likely that her therapist did get her to talk to me but I'm getting to the point where it doesn't bother me

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"I actually played with her a bit leading her on and playing with her head a little"


and then you wonder why it goes on and come here unhappy she called, you loved every minute of it and hope she will call again so you can do it some more


hes right


dont get me wrong.. we ALL like to massage our own egos

i dont care who you are or what you say!


If you disagree with that, honestley who are you trying to kid?


anyway.. its human nature to take advantage ( think greed )

but its very hard to control this feeling..



we all know what goes around usualy does end up coming back to bite us in the a**


id say: if she calls. listen to her. but dont lead her on! please!

( think if she is being for real, how hurt she is... and then put YOURSELF in that role )


i bet youl think back to the feelings you had when she left!!


anyway thats just my two cents

hope i havent caused any offence to you or anybody else.

but take care!

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Thanks guys. No offence taken what so ever. That was a bad negative side coming out of me that isn't who I am or should be now. I have now just let myself be strong and positive and have thought about the way I felt back then and how she would be feeling. I have now really started to listen to her and realize she does need someone for emotional support a bit. So Ill just continue to monitor the way I feel about it and if its bringing me down to much Ill go back to NC but again don't really want to be the shoulder to cry on as bad as it sounds.

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