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Back to the same situation again


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Hi guys:


I am back to ENA again.


The same story with the same guy.


He came to me and asked to try again. Then after the 3 weeks, he has his new excuses again last week: "I don't think you are happy with me, happiness does not depend on other people, you should find someone to complete you. We did not give each other a chance to move on, we always get back in contact within weeks. You always hangout with my friends which didn't help me to move on. You should have boundary and lines."


He aslo mentioned that he feels jealous to hear that his good friend go out to date girls. i said you can have your freedom if you want to. Then he said no, i had the opportunies, but i wasn't interested.


Last weekend, he called me 3am on Sat morning, i didn't answer. I was sick on monday and i called him, he was acting all cold and said what do you want me to do?


I just don't understand why it happens all the time with him, am i really a bad gf? Also i have a question for you guys, when your ex broke with u, do u stop hanging out with the friends which your ex introduced to you. My ex thinks i steal his friends from him, i need to have boundary. Does it make sense????

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