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Hair cutting fetish!


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This is a totally different vent.


Tonight was absolutely one of the most intense. My stomach is in knots. I am having trouble breathing, my heart is pounding, my cheeks are hot and pink, and I have butterfies in my stomach.


And all I did was cut B's hair!


I've always kinda had a hair cutting fetish, but never actually cut my ex fiancees hair (he never let me) so I didn't know if it was just one of those fantasies or what.


But tonight B gave me full reign of the scissors and clippers and told me he trusted me. I was overwhelmed with emotion. We sat in his kitchen as my hands shook and snipped away at his hair. While I was cutting it, it's like this weird wash of emotions took over my body. He was really quiet and blushing, looking all innocent, and I felt like exploding! As I put my hand on his head to keep his head straight, I was trembling (not from being afraid of cutting his hair, but from the vulnerability I felt). It was just one of those really tender moments because here he trusted me with his hair and I was trying to please him. If I was still naive, I'd say I fell "in love" tonight, but I know it's just infatuation and a strong feeling of attachment developing.


Unfortunately, his family and friends were there walking through the kitchen talking to him. That sucked because it broke up our "moment."


When he was done, we hugged and kissed even with his hair all over him. I've been concerned about his hygiene before but this time, I grabbed him and made out wth him! He was all trembling too and it was really passionate and intimate. We were just looking in each other's eyes, shaking. Wow!


Well we went to our church services where I taught the little kids and he taught the teens. When I met him afterwards, I was still trembling and I noticed he lost his train of thought when he saw me, while he was talking to some people.


When he walked me to my door after dropping me home, we started making out and I said "I care about you a lot." He said the same. I wanted to say "I love you" but I know that is not appropriate and we still have to work our concerns out with the pastor.


His dad warned me to not let feelings get in the way of sense. Funny coming from his dad. I told B I had to "keep myself in check."


It's just weird.

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I am scared to fall in love, again, though. I feel vulnerable. Once I start getting feelings for someone, they get stronger than the guy's. I don't want that to happen anymore. I like B a lot now and he was crazy about me early on. But it seems like the more emotion I feel towards him, the more he kinda backs off. Why do guys come on so strong when we don't care that much, then when we fall for them, they aren't as romantic. He was turned on too, but I felt like I was the one who was more attached this time. The more time we spend together, the more I fall. But for him, the more comfortable he gets. Like he doesn't have to impress me anymore. I don't know if that is good. I don't want to be taken advantage of. I wonder if I should play it cool or else I am going to get my heart bashed.

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Thanks, guys. I did talk to him about it. He says he feels the same (although I'm not sure exactly what he feels the same about...since I didn't say I loved him).


The other day I accidentally farted at church when we were cooking together and he laughed and said "I love you WW" ..Well I told him I knew he didn't mean it "like that" and he said "You know what I mean." Do I? Hmmmm.


I guess I should give it more time. So hard...

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LOL at the title of this thread... it reminds me of that old "Sex in the City" episode where Samantha is in bed and going at it with this guy who starts moaning, "Cut my hair! Cut my hair! CUT MY HAIR!!!!"


ROFL a little off topic, I know.


Anyway WomanWriter, sounds like you had a moment of real connection -- like emotional/spiritual vs. just sexual. Just reading your description of it almost gave me goosebumps.... hope the good vibes keep flowing between you two!


: )

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