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Need help making my girl happy!!!!


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Hi how you doing,

I been dating my girlfriend for almost four years. We have dating off an on since we were in highschool, me and her are two completely different people. She is an emotional wreck and what i mean is that she wears her emotions on her sleeve anything can upset her, exspecially if it has to do with me. I am at a lost i just want to make her happy i hate seeing her cry. on top of everything she is in college which is even harder. we are caught in a horrible cycle of fighting. my problem is that i dont care enough about anything i do the things i want but try to keep her happy as well its not intentional it is just who i am, i buy her things take her places she is not a needy girlfriend just wants all my time i need advice to help keep her happy i dont want to lose her please help!

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