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why didn't he speak to him?


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I have a casual friend that I have been really honest with about the state of my currant relationship and that I'm not always happy with my boyfriend. I told this friend, who is a guy, things I have never told anyone about how I feel before.

This friend had always been friendly with my boyfriend in the past when they have been in the same place, but this last time, which was after I told him tons of stuff about how I felt, that he didn't speak to him. He didn't go out of his way not to speak to him, just didn't talk to him, not even a hello, even when he and I greeted each other.

This friend and I had gotten close pretty quick, their might have been flirting, although we both said no, but things we said could still be questionable, I told this guy that my boyfriend was jealous of him too, the only other thing that has changed recently was that my friend is trying to work things out with his ex, he didn't tell me about that, but didn't hide it and hasn't hidden it, just hasn't directly said anything to me about her.


So why didn't my friend say anything to my boyfriend? And if anyone has a clue, why not mention the girlfriend at some point? (I knew about the break-up, and what caused it, so he has mentioned her before although I have never met her.)

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