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Confusion, friends, risky business..I don't know what to do


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I can't believe I am in this situation... There is this girl, and she's my best friend..when I met her, I loved her, and she always said she loved me, but her love was a different love, a friendship love, and I accepted that and began to move on to look for love elsewhere, this was 3 years ago. She got a boyfriend and moved in with him about a year and a half ago, and we all worked in the same office. I felt tension and jealousy with this guy, so I took an oppertunity through my work to do some traveling, get me out of that office. I have been away for about a year, when christmas came around it was time for me to go back home a couple weeks and see my family and friends. She texted me and requested that she sees her "long lost best friend"..her words. So we set up a time to meet at her apartment with her and her boyfriend for a few beers and Wii bowling. Both me and her boyfriend are just built to be talking people, so we chatted it up instead of me and her connecting. Her boyfriend has a serious drinking and drug problem and before the end of the night he was in the bathroom either puking his guts out or doing drugs..not sure which. After his third or fouth disappearance to the bathroom, she ran over to me, straddled me on the couch and started kissing me all over telling me how much she loved me and missed me..I was in pure shock, I told her "I love you too but this isn't the time at all or the place..you have a boyfriend now" she seemed disappointed, made me promise not to tell anybody and got off of me. I left very soon after, very confused. I do love this girl, and she knows it...what do I do, do I ask her what she meant by it, do I just leave it in the past and never speak of it again? what if it happens again? What if she is THE woman? I mean what do I do with this?

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