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Id say comfortably that 95% of the people in my normal everyday life are negative self destructive people. Drug addicts, alcoholics, severally depressed, have no purpose.


And sometimes i wonder why i just cant achieve the level of self improvement i am capable of.


I have no money, no job currently, no friends. All of which im fine with, i know it will get better, i just need to have faith in myself. But being ok with those facts in unsurmountable more difficult when im surrounded by people like this... I really dont know what to do...


Its like the attitude i have, id like to think is of a successful person, but as of yet i am not successful. Bridging that gap from the people im surrounded by with people that in my view are successful i havnt figured out how to do yet. I have lowish self esteem, so it becomes even more difficult to be around strong personalities, its getting better.... But any suggestions about the group of people around me, and how to find people that will help me rather than tear me down?

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Try to fight this one alone if all the people around you are giving you a negative feeling.

Realize they do not have the same ambitions as you.


I'm in the same situation.


I have all the people you listed surrounding me.

None of them are close friends.


I just had to motivate myself to get where I am today.


Do my own thing.

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"yeah, it is better to stay alone for some time being positive than be surrounded by negative people, with time try to find like minded, as you, people. One step at the time"


I agree, and I try to stay alone. Unfortunately I have people who are not only extremely negative, but they have to try and impose their negativity onto me as if they have nothing better to do. A lot of them are trying to live their dream through me, but I have my own calling, myown purpose.

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