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He walked right by me, refused to look at me, and didn't say a word

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I'm not sure if I need to vent or just get this off my chest, or whether this is actually a victory post.


Anyway I got off work early and had to make a stop at my neighborhood market for some things for the weekend.


My ex just appeared out of nowhere, it was one of those lightning strike moments you aren't expecting. But the funny thing was, he kept his head down, kept right on walking by, was very careful not to look up at me, and didn't say a word.


This is the man who was all gung ho about me/us last fall and then suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason two months ago.


The last time he laid eyes on me after spending the night, he said "I love you" before he walked out the door (into oblivion).


From "I love you" to "I don't acknowledge you."


Anyway, I felt very awkward as he walked by, but when that feeling passed, I felt strangely relieved. I have been avoiding that market for two months precisely because I knew I would likely run into him there. I guess I still felt fragile.


But his behavior today was just more evidence that he is a cold, twisted person and I am so grateful that I am done with him and he is no longer in my life.


I know some people might not believe me when I say this - but I actually even felt sorry for him a little. How awful to go through life as such a cold, heartless person who could treat another person the way he treated me.



I also felt sort of relieved that the ice has been broken. I know now that if I go back to that market, I am safe now. I don't think he will ever bother me again.


Anyway, I think the universe is conspiring in my favor. On the walk back to my apartment, I ran into another guy I know and I'm pretty sure he was flirting with me; then just now I ordered pizza (it's movie night LOL) and when the pizza delivery guy got here, I handed him a tip and he said, "You have beautiful eyes!"




I swear, sometimes I think I believe in angels.


Plus I have two dates tomorrow.


But anyway, I guess these are signs that there IS life after being dumped by a cold-hearted jerk.


Two months ago, I was curled up into fetal position every night, pretty much. But when I ran into my ex this afternoon, I felt it was a real turning point. In a way it was sad, but much moreso it was kind of like a light bulb went off --- in a good way.


Just thought I'd share.


Stay warm out there, everyone.


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Thanks Milkandhoney, GSX and Hobbes.


Maybe I'll go back with one of my new boyfriends LOL


I agree there was something very satisfying about watching him make such a production of looking down at the ground while he was walking past me... in a weird way it made me feel like I had the upper hand or was on higher moral ground? Not really sure I can explain why, I just DID feel that way.


One of my gay friends, who is a 6'4" hunk, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends, has offered to go there with me posing as my b/f so that we can buy condoms together right under the ex's nose. ROFL


Don't know if I would go quite that far but it's tempting to think about it!

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