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Don't know what to do anymore :(


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Hi it's me again,


I am having a really bad start to the new year if any of you remember my previous post I was having problems in the bedroom and it's still happening (go to my previous post to have a better idea). Now whats even worse is that I think the girl I'm with likes one of my so called close friends.


She told me already that shes one of those girls that likes the "assholes" and I'm so not one of them but my friend totally is. It's not that he's an * * * * * * * he's just one of those guys who won't take crap from nobody and girls love that. Also the girl I'm seeing is 28 and I'm 25 and my friend is also 28 so their the same age.


Anyways here's my story,

So the three of us ended up going to a pub last night for a little bit and then she said she wanted to go home cause she was hungry. It was still relatively early so she said I could just drop her off so my buddy and I could hang out. Then as I was driving her home she said we could come in for a little bit, and my friend asked if she had any beer. She didn't have any but my friend did so we stopped at his house to grab it quick then headed to her place. Anyways to cut a long story short we were there for like 3 hours and I felt like a total 3rd wheel they got a long so well were having a great conversation I barely said anything the whole time. I could see that she really liked him and I think he liked her too. What do I do? I really feel depressed with myself and don't know what to do anymore I don't think I've ever felt this depressed in my life, this new year has really been a crappy one for me so far

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forget the girl. she doesn't have much respect for you. she'll walk all over you so walk away and save your self from more humiliation. The thing about "guys who won't take * * * * from nobody" are showing one appealing trait and that is confidence which you my dear seem to be lacking.


I'm not saying these other guys are well mannered. you no doubt have better manners but it seems you need to build you sense of confidence and not take any 'crap' from this girl. What she did that night was downright rude and disrespectful of your feelings and what did you do? -- nothing but sit there and take it!

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