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She left me and I can't quit loving her.

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I am still not sure why she left. She has said that she doesn't love me anymore, which really hurt at first, but I have always wondered if you can really stop loving someone just like that. She also said that she didn't think we was as close as we used to be, but how is breaking up going to help that? I was told she was cheating on me, but she adamantly denies it and I believe her. She already has someone else though, and that's part of why I am having trouble letting go. I still love her and I don't want her to get hurt. I really thought that we would get married. It was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I've tried talking her into going back out with me, but she just says not yet, maybe some time in the future. I've tried telling her I love her, but I just get silence. I've tried telilng her how I feel but that just makes her feel bad. I can't stop thinking about her, I've tried that too. I'm only getting about four or five hours of sleep a night. I only eat one meal a day at the most. I can't convince her that I love her and she should go back out with me. She always said she would never leave me and she loves me, and I always told her likewise. I just can't stop calling, writing, thinking, caring, and loving her. Do I keep trying to get her back, try to just be friends, or try to do something else to forget about her? Oh, and I can't go out with anyone else either. I've cheated on people before (which I'm not proud of) and it didn't really bother me. But now, even after we've broke up, I can't even look at another girl without getting that guilty feeling inside and my self conscience beating on my skull telling me to stop. I'd appreciate it if someone knows what to do. I'm out of ideas.

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I was just left by my ex about 2-3 weeks ago. she told me that B.S. line that "theres nothing there anymore" and "it would be best if we were friends" and this ones a killer "well we have good chances of getting back together soon". whats that tell you? that she is not confused nor going about trying to make things right. i was there just a few weeks ago. but you know what it is that helps is talking with someone in your family, friends, and get yourself out and get some fresh air. you cannot dwell on this. if you do you make things worse for yourself. i know the edgy sleeping schedule and the one meal a day bit. it's something you can get over you just have to take this a day at a time. no you wont get over this in a a few days, thats just not going to happen. but it will take time for you to heal and you never know if you dont shut the women out you might have one that might find you! i understand that you dont want to be in this hole that you might feel trapped in but there is a helping hand at the top of that hole to give you when you need it. the pain will go away it will just take time to heal. you're going to pull through. there are alot of girls out there that you will meet and you never know what might happen. just kinda keep in touch just ask her how her day is, or how things are going. but if you keep calling she will see it as you're still coming around when she doesnt want you too. it will be it will be hard it is never easy to go through, so this is going to be a ride that will have alot of bumps in the road. but you will hit the straight away and see everything coming clear to you. well take care and just take it day by day. just dont call her. let her call you. if she calls you then it wont be harder on you when you talk to her. hope i helped. later.

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boy oh boy do I know what your going through, i thought i was reading my own post from a few days ago.


My ex-girlfriend also dumped me for no apparent reason, like you, people you talk to just cant believe that it was "out of the blue" and try to find reasons just like we do/


I was dating her 4 years, and we loved each other like only few people know how, we talked, we cuddled, we made love like passionate romance novel charecters, we didnt fight, and i never cheated on her, 3 days never went by without talking to each other, and she really really loved me, and to this day I know she did, because when you hold a women in your arms and she looks you in your eyes and tells you with tears in her eyes to never doubt her love that she could never hurt me, because she knows how lucky she was to have found me, you just cant hide a lie in your eyes.


2-3 weeks before the break-up in one of our marathon phone calls, while talking about how much i wanted to be with her, she told me she wanted to get married sooner than planed, and that she would like to have a child with me. then from that highest point in our relationship, I get a message


Im sorry, i dont want to hurt you, but I dont feel the same way about you,


when i called her up crying on the side of the road, she told me that she came to the conclusion that she was mistaken and that she doesnt feel that she really ever loved me!


I like you, I dont sleep, I hardly eat, i have lost about 5-8 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and im not an overweight person. the first thing that pops into my head is her every single day. Little by little its getting easier, but im still suffering beyond belief.


The best thing you can do, is to go cold turkey, i like you also tried to "convince" my girl how much i loved her, the thing is she never doubted my love for her, I sent our pictures together, i sent letters, i sent copies of letters that she had sent me, nothing would make her "snap out of it" thats it, i was used for 4 years by a women that couldnt care less about me now. i was being treated like a stranger.


Just get rid of everything that reminds you of her , dont talk to her, just put it into your head that she did you wrong, the woman you fell in love with doesnt exsist anymore, she never was real.


I realised this, and is what has started me on the road to healing, I ask myself, if she was to comeback now, would i be able to trust her again? and the answer is no, the girl I loved I trusted completely, so it could never be like it was. she is not the same person, please read this part over! she is not the person you fell in love with.


I still have the feelings of loss, I still love the girl that I once knew, and hope to find someone as close to her as possible but of course someone that is stable and honest.


keep yourself busy, hang out with good friends, go see as many comedies as possible, start healing, me and you will eventually find someone that will appreciate our love, and who we are, we have hearts of gold, and sensitive souls. oh as for feeling the loss of attraction for other women, i had to look in the mirror to see if my tool hadnt fallen off,


Time will heal me and you, but just stay away from her, you just gonna keep opening the same wound over and over.

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