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I've been dating my gf for seven months and we fought a lot during the relationship. The relationship was long distance and I don't mean a few cities or states a part. We were from different countries and now she broke my heart. So now Im depressed and I don't know how Im ever gonna move on. Shes talkin to her ex again she says there friends and I don't know what to think anymore. I mean one day shes talking about us forever and stuff and then the next she is saying its over. I know we had our share of mistakes, but we didn't even get a chance to grow how can you grow until you actually meet one another. Well I need someone to talk to or someones words of wisdom and remember when you post that Im in a hurting stage. Thanks again for listening to me whine bye Tee3

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Hi Tee,


First of all welcome to the eNotalone.com forum and posting your concerns here. I have moved your topic to "Gay relationships", since I found your topic more fit in this forum. This way your topic will get maximum attention. I am sorry to read that things in your relationship didn't go the way you planned them to happen.


Long distance relationships are very difficult. I can speak from experience, because I have been in one before even between countries, too. The trick is being able to see an end to the tunnel in which you can be together. That means time consuming and expensive visits every so many months. In the meantime you will have to work on how to get together, too. As you see, it's a lot of work and not easy. Personally in a long distance relationship I would prefer the phone best to talk when you can't get to see each other that often.


I am not sure wether you should or shouldn't pursue this relationship any further. It looks like that this young lady is more into a commitment near by. That is very unfortunate for you. My suggestion thereforeeeeeee is: try to talk to her again in about a week or so and ask her how she feels. If she doesn't see the light anymore, it might be a good idea for you to start a healing process and try to move on.


I wish you good luck and lots of strength


~ SwingFox ~

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